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Our Story

Since 2019

American Made
American Trusted  

American Olive Oil Produced by American Farmers 


Emblem = Health

I knew I wanted to give my customers real, pure, and flavorful olive oil so the process from the beginning to the end had to be well-made and well-conserved. From the location of the orchards to the packaging of each bottle; every step had to meet superior standards. That’s why with Emblem olive oil, olives are farmed by a single family that provides a custom olive harvesting process. 


​On a mission to bring the health benefit and exquisite flavor of US Olive Oil to diverse populations  as the only black female-owned olive oil company in the US.


Message from the Owner

It's important for us to connect with our customers and for them to know our passion and our reason behind Emblem Olive Oil.




I connected with a co-worker who asked me to try jalapeño infused olive oil. After tasting the freshness of the flavor, I knew I wanted to learn more about olive oil. After studying the industry and learning the health benefits of olive oil, I also knew I wanted to help end the health disparities in my community. 

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Fresh Salad


I want my customers to feel comfortable knowing exactly where their olives are coming from and how it's made. I have made it my mission to provide the purest extra virgin olive oil produced in the USA. 

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Image by Philippe Gras
Olive Mill
Image by Nazar Hrabovyi


My  goal is to become a staple in every household, retail, and winery worldwide by providing total commitment, unquestionable trust, and undeniable quality olive oil. 


The meaning of  “Emblem”:

In the Bible, olive oil was used as an Emblem that represented health, prosperity, beauty, and righteousness.


pray that with each purchase and taste, you are Blessed!

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